FebriDx Rapid Test

FebriDx: A Viral & Bacterial Workplace Triage Test

Canadians have the right to know if they carry a bacterial or viral infection. The FebriDx Rapid Test gives people the peace of mind by giving them this information with an accurate, easy-to-use test that takes ten minutes to receive results.

What is the test?

The FebriDx Rapid Test detects viral and bacterial infections (such as Pneumonia, Influenza A & B, and many others) through a single drop of blood. FebriDx is a dual biomarker, whole blood, rapid, point of care test. Unlike other tests that can take hours or days to determine the results, this test takes 10 minutes to indicate if a patient is infectious.

How is the test administered?

The test is administered in four easy steps all built into the device:

1. Lance finger to produce blood sample

2. Collect blood sample in attached Blood Collection Tube

3. Deliver blood sample to the Blood Transfer Zone

4. Deliver the buffer solution by pressing the Buffer Release Button

Once these steps are done, place the test on an even, flat surface and wait ten minutes for the results to appear in the Result Window.

For full details on how the test is administered, please watch the instructional video or request a full FAQ sheet from jthompson@superior-strategies.ca


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