About us

Warrior Supplies is a 100% Indigenous owned Safety Supply brand originating in Ontario, Canada.  

A proud Member of the Red Rock First Nation, the founder, Jason Thompson is an advocate for the Inclusion of Indigenous People in Business and society in general.
Warrior is more than a Brand, it is who we are, it is the fabric of our being. Warrior has been created on the premise of change, empowerment, confidence. Coming from very humble beginnings, experiencing racism first hand, not only myself, but family members has and continues to fire my passion to change the future. The past can never be rewritten, however we have the ability to change the future, and through Warrior we want to help shape a more positive and inclusive future for everyone. 
The Warrior brand is committed to product value through price, quality and service for our clients. it is our hope that through our Warrior line of products we will  encourage  those  who  wear  or use our  product  to  demonstrate the courage and skill that each possess."We are committed to positive change, for not only Indigenous People, but all of those who have been marginalized. Through our actions, and our values, we have demonstrated courage, and it is our desire to ignite the Warrior Spirit in all of our customers.”