Non Medical Disposable Face Masks

Medical-Grade, internationally certified quality material.

Bacterial filtration effectiveness is rated at 99% offering the level of filtration and protection.

Note: cloth masks offer 20% filtration effectiveness and will not filter out small viral particles found in exhaled Respiratory droplets.

Mask filters harmful substances found in the air including virus droplets, exhaust, dust and pollen. 

Mask is both waterproof, breathable and soft to the face.

3 layers of protection.

  • Inner layer (non-woven); skin friendly, tasteless and non-irritating.
  • Middle layer (high grade melt-blown); performs absorption and filtration of virus droplets. 
  • Outer layer (non-woven); waterproof.
Mask is 175 x 90 mm. fits most teenage and adult faces.
Masks can be stretched up to two times its original size ensuring less pressure on ears when worn over long periods of time.

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